This is a common question we get - At what age should one start managing their finances?

Is our 20s too early? Can one start later? Shouldn't one be having fun in their 20s?

(If you're a parent) When should we start introducing the idea of money to our children? 

These are very personal choices, and there is no single right answer. You can choose to live it up and start investing down the line.

But remember: these are also the best years to make a few mistakes while practicing the skills of finance.

Starting early has unique advantages. 

You gain a better financial sense of how the world operates if you start early. 

You also end up paying lower insurance premiums and gain more time for compounding to work. 

Chances are you have very few commitments at this stage and can afford to experiment and take few risks with your money. 

So think about it. Try to balance fun and the future at the same time.